What It Means to be a "Master Medical Product Distributor" - MediPurpose
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What It Means to be a “Master Medical Product Distributor”

Although the MediPurpose business model is primarily structured to distribute our medical products through a multitude of domestic and international healthcare distributors, over the years, MediPurpose has become completely proficient and skilled as a distributor in its own right.

This notion of being able to facilitate, manage and direct all areas of medical product distribution is something that Webster might say makes us a master distributor.

However, calling ourselves a “master” distributor is a pretty strong claim — especially when considering the magnitude of our competitors and the strength of our medical product distribution partners — but I believe it is an appropriate label, particularly in the context of our medical product distribution capabilities. For instance:

  • In a previous blog, I wrote about our ability to enter multiple channels through multiple medical product distribution partners for the same medical product, thereby increasing market penetration, eliminating channel conflict and maximizing our products’ availability.
  • Our extensive partnerships allow us to get our medical products into virtually every department within an acute care setting — as well as within alternate care, POS and long-term care facilities.
  • As the manufacturer of the SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet, we have established both the contract manufacturing relationships and logistical capabilities to get our medical products from them to our warehouse…and then again out to our customers.
  • Our medical product acceptance has driven the inclusion of our products within most major medical GPO contracts
  • Our comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements (both from a manufacturing/ISO and FDA/CE perspective) is clearly established.

So, as I discover what it truly means to be completely proficient or skilled at marketing medical products, MediPurpose will continue to develop its position as a master distributor.