One Billion Safety Lancets Sold: How Do We Know? - MediPurpose
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One Billion Safety Lancets Sold: How Do We Know?

Last week, we announced a significant milestone in our company’s history: the sale of our billionth SurgiLance™ safety lancet!

You might wonder — as did some of our own staff — how we know how many of our flagship fingerstick devices we’ve sold.

Throughout the years, we have been keeping track of the quantity of safety lancets sold. All our customers’ purchase orders contain quantity information.

We started by using QuickBooks™, the well-known accounting software that many individuals and small businesses use. As a small bootstrapped medical device startup in 1999, QuickBooks was adequate for us, as it had the basics and was low priced. However, it is designed for users with limited accounting and financial needs.

As our business grew, we needed something more sophisticated and with additional features. So in 2000, we turned to NetSuite™, a web-based ERP accounting program.

With NetSuite, we maintain sales order records for each customer, manage inventory, and generate reports on how many lancets we sold to date with much more ease and precision than ever before.

Having captured all that information, we were able to generate the above chart that illustrates the numbers of units sold throughout the years.

And, speaking of precise numbers, it took MediPurpose approximately 11 years, eight months and 27 days to sell the billionth lancet!