For Innovators - MediPurpose
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For Innovators

The MediPurpose™ Medical Device Innovation division collaborates with medical device inventors and innovators to take new medical devices from concept to commercialization—bringing together financing, proven medical device development methodology and global experience to help ensure success.


Taking a new medical invention from concept to commercialization can be a difficult process, one that becomes virtually impossible without the collaboration and assistance of skilled experts who have successfully made the journey in the past.


MediPurpose has the funding, proven methodology and global experience to assist innovators and inventors through the entire process:

  • Medical Device Idea Conception
  • Product and Market Review
  • Business Case Development
  • Medical Device Design
  • Device Testing & Validation
  • Device Production
  • Market Launch
  • Medical Device Distribution
  • Product Lifecycle Management

We provides a flexible approach that allows inventors and small medical device companies to choose the services they need, when they need them. Our comprehensive suite of support services can facilitate every stage of medical device development and commercialization, including:

  • Product Research and Development Consultation
  • Material Testing
  • Packaging Design
  • Quality Control
  • Conducting of Feasibility Studies

Idea Form