One in a Million: SurgiLance Safety Lancet Quality - MediPurpose
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One in a Million: SurgiLance Safety Lancet Quality

Among other fiscal-year-end tasks I perform, one is to prepare an annual quality report for our SurgiLance™ safety lancets. I would like to share the results of just one parameter we track regarding the quality of our medical devices: our complaint rate.

Last year, our complaint rate was a miniscule 0.00002 percent. To save you the trouble of counting those zeroes after the decimal, that is two one-hundred thousandths. Impressive, but wait, it gets even more impressive when you consider that the figure is based upon only 16 complaints for the more than 85 million safety lancets that we sold in FY 2012!

Last year’s rate was anything but an anomaly. Since FY 2003, the SurgiLance complaint rate has averaged 0.00002 percent — a scant 212 complaints for the nearly one billion lancets sold between then and the last fiscal year!

We are very proud of such a quality record. But to put it in perspective and demonstrate the accomplishment, let’s compare the chances against some real world events. The chances of having a negative experience with a SurgiLance safety lancet are considerably lower than:

As improbable as those events might be, they are still far more likely than having a problem with a SurgiLance safety lancet. Let’s continue! Your chances of having a problem with SurgiLance are also lower than:

Believe it or not, we’re still not even close! Let’s step it up a bit and really start getting closer to things that are still more likely to happen than a SurgiLance problem (some of which are unfortunately a bit more morbid):

And once again, we’re still not close. I’ll cut the suspense and will finally tell you: Based on our rate of complaints last year, the probability of having a problem with a SurgiLance Safety Lancet was only one in 5.3 million!

With such great odds, we are confident that you’ll have a satisfactory experience with SurgiLance safety lancets. Why not request no-cost samples today and let us know what you think?