Covid-19 Test Kit Packer Demand Grows for Safety Lancets - MediPurpose
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Covid-19 Test Kit Packer Demand Grows for Safety Lancets

It goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the way virtually everybody functions, both personally and professionally.

Fortunately for us at MediPurpose, we’ve been able to maintain most of the regularity to our workday routines, which has a lot to do with being early adopters of the “virtual office” workplace model that’s enabled our staff to work from home for nearly a decade. Hence, when shelter-in-place orders were issued in the United States, we experienced zero disruption to our ability to provide the type of high-level customer service for which we are known.

Like how nobody could have predicted the Covid-19 pandemic to occur, we couldn’t have predicted the surge in demand for SurgiLance safety lancets from Covid-19 antibody test kit manufacturers. Although we have supplied kit manufacturers with safety lancets throughout our company’s history, their demand for our medical products has never been as prominent as it has been in recent months. 

This has prompted us to ask ourselves: Why? Beyond the obvious need for blood collection devices to perform Covid-19 antibody testing, what is it specifically about MediPurpose and SurgiLance that is bolstering this demand? Just as we were able to smoothly transition into a Covid-19 era “new normal” of working at home, we found the answers and reasons for the demand also reflected our company’s policies and culture.

Proven Experience with Supplying Safety Lancets to Kit Manufacturers

The Covid-19 pandemic has created tremendous urgency for point-of-care (POC) lateral flow immunoassays and other tests to detect anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Kit manufacturers that produce Covid-19 antibody test kits simply do not have the time to collaborate with inexperienced suppliers of crucial components. We believe our proven experience in this regard is a key factor in the recent demand for our products.

For more than 20 years, MediPurpose has become known as a safety lancet supplier that kit manufacturers can rely on, which includes large-scale tests that require blood collection. For example, in 2008, SurgiLance safety lancets were chosen for a major testing initiative designed to stem the tide of HIV/AIDS on the African continent.

We believe our ability to confidently say we have “proven experience” is mostly from three key aspects of our company:

  • Customer Service: We’re always there for our customers, plain and simple.

    It’s easy to say that one’s company is committed to providing superior customer service, but, to quote the title of an earlier blog, “we’re innovative in medical product customer service, too!” We respect the fact that we are in a highly competitive market space, and we believe that providing unparalleled service is a differentiator that sets us apart. POC kit manufacturers often have special requirements for quantities, and we are always eager and able to accommodate them.
  • Quality and Reliability: POC test kits need components that will work, period.

    POC test kits only include enough components to perform a task—unlike at hospitals or clinics where if a component (such as a safety lancet) fails, another can be easily procured. If any of a kit’s component fails, then the entire kit is rendered completely useless. There’s no question that the SurgiLance safety lancet’s spectacular reputation for quality and reliability is a prime reason kit manufacturers choose our products.
  • Regulations and Certifications: Our products meet rigorous standards.

SurgiLance safety lancets are available worldwide because we’ve invested in obtaining and retaining certifications/approvals (e.g., U.S. FDA, CE, ISO 13485). This means that kit manufacturers can have complete faith that our products not only will deliver superior quality and reliability, but that they also are compliant for the highest levels of international safety and usability standards.