We're Innovative in Medical Product Customer Service, Too! - MediPurpose
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We’re Innovative in Medical Product Customer Service, Too!

Over the past few months, MediPurpose has implemented several changes to make our medical product distribution customers’ experiences easier and more efficient.

For instance, last January, we began e-mailing invoices and statements, thus eliminating the 2-3-day delay for customers to receive their invoices and statements. (An additional benefit is that it also is reducing paper consumption.)

Last month, we introduced our new online Customer Care Center, and we have already received some very positive comments from the customers that have taken advantage of it. They especially seem to appreciate:

  • Its ease of use
  • Having immediate access to their accounts
  • Being able to place their orders online
  • The ability to check orders and review past orders

In addition, they can review their AR, print invoices and statements, and review all transactions. No longer is it necessary to make a phone call to place an order or check on an invoice — all of their information is immediately available.

With so many advantages and benefits, I can’t imagine why anyone would not take advantage of our online Customer Care Center. That is why I encourage our of all medical product distribution customers to try it out. Once you do, I’m very confident that you will be pleasantly surprised with its ease and convenience.

The new online customer center is a particular point of pride for me. As MediPurpose’s customer service manager, I and my team are constantly striving to make our customers’ experiences pleasant and efficient, and we are always searching for the best ways to serve you.

However, despite the exciting new opportunities with online technology, we will never eliminate any of the other ways to assist our customers with any issues. Our main goal is to always be friendly and helpful, and to provide our customers with the best possible service.

As MediPurpose continues to grow and expand, we will also continue to look at more ways to better service our customers. Please contact us anytime with suggestions that would help us better serve you.