Taiwan Trademark Protection Granted to MediPlus Advanced Wound Care - MediPurpose
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Taiwan Trademark Protection Granted to MediPlus Advanced Wound Care

TAIPEI, Taiwan and ATLANTA, May 13 — MediPurpose™, a medical product manufacturer and master distributor, today announced that it has been granted trademark protection in Taiwan for its MediPlus™ Advanced Wound Care Products logo and brand identity.

The medical device company was recently notified that the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office approved MediPurpose’s application to register a trademark, collective mark or certification mark in Taiwan for MediPlus.

Along with its trademarks for MediPlus, MediPurpose has also been granted international trademarks for its babyLance™ safety infant heel incision devices and SurgiLance™ safety lancets.

About MediPlus Advanced Wound Care Products

MediPlus Advanced Wound Care features a comprehensive line of high-quality advanced wound care products at highly competitive prices. The MediPlus product portfolio includes:

* Alginates
* Foams: MediPlus Foam, Comfort Foam, Super Foam and HC Foam
* Hydrocolloids: MediPlus HC (Standard and Extra-Thin) and HC Comfort
* Hydrogels: MediPlus BarrierGel and BarrierGel Comfort
* Non-Adherent Pads: MediPlus PE Pad
* Post-Surgical Dressings: MediPlus PU Pad and Surgical
* Thin Films: MediPlus PU Film and PU Frame

“As an experienced master distributor, MediPurpose has done all the hard work for medical product distributors seeking to purchase high-quality wound care products at competitive prices,” said Riddle. “Our team of experts has completed all the regulatory, quality, reimbursement and logistics required to import the broad line of MediPlus Advanced Wound Care products.”

More information about MediPlus — including no-cost product sample requests — is available at www.medipurpose.com/mediplus.