No Pain, No Gain? Not When It Comes to Finger Sticks - MediPurpose
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No Pain, No Gain? Not When It Comes to Finger Sticks

Ever since people began testing their blood sugar by utilizing a finger stick with a lancet device more than 30 years ago, discomfort has been a major issue.

There’s no mystery: It just plain hurts to intentionally stick your finger or, for that matter, to have someone do it for you. That is why patients and clinicians alike have demanded the smallest and sharpest lancet possible.

Although there are devices galore that can do the job, few that can offer the safety and minimal discomfort of a SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet.

Now, I’m told that a good blog should avoid explicit “sales talk,” but it’s hard for me to resist. After all, I work in medical device sales and marketing!

Naturally, a good day for me at work is when I get a big sales order or I read a positive sales report. But a great day is when I read something that reminds me that what I sell is more than a medical product — it’s something that is changing lives for the better.

So, imagine how satisfying it was to receive this letter from a medical center’s RN:

“More facilities need to use your lancets, because as far as I am concerned, it is a quality of life issue.

“The SurgiLance™ lancets decrease or eliminate the pain and anxiety associated with finger sticks for our patients — especially for those that resist taking regular blood glucose tests. They usually do so because it HURTS.

“By eliminating the pain and anxiety, their quality of life is improved because they stop resisting the procedure. That is a BIG PLUS for me, and I feel this is a key component in our decision to use the SurgiLance™ lancets. No other product that I have used in any of my buildings has been able to deliver a painless experience for the residents.”

Ever heard the expression “no pain, no gain?” You might say that for us — and our valued customers — no pain is all gain!