MediPurpose Unveils Logo for New Advanced Wound Care Product Line, MediPlus - MediPurpose
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MediPurpose Unveils Logo for New Advanced Wound Care Product Line, MediPlus

ATLANTA, Feb 24 — MediPurpose today unveiled the brand logo and name for its new comprehensive line of advanced wound care products, MediPlus.

Created by Swiss graphic designer Marian Chin, the unique blue and white MediPlus logo features a stylized letter “i” that integrates an iconic bandage motif. Along with the full-size logo, the stylized “i” will also function as an abridged logo for the wound care product line’s brand identity.

Chin had previously designed MediPurpose’s corporate logo, as well as the SurgiLance™ safety lancet and babyLance™ infant heel incision device brand logos.

Created in June 2010, the Advanced Wound Care division will expand MediPurpose’s product lines by leveraging their award-winning medical product distribution services and logistics capabilities. These advanced wound care products are another example of the company bringing innovative healthcare solutions to market by leveraging its extensive experience and master distributor relationships.”

“Our distribution services capability is a key advantage that MediPurpose offers,” said MediPurpose President Randy Prather. “MediPurpose’s focus will be to ensure a quality, comprehensive advanced wound care line that will afford substantial profit opportunities for our existing and new distribution partners who service this market.”

For downloadable artwork and an official list of print and Web color equivalents, please visit the MediPurpose media center.