MediPurpose Introduces New MediPlus Advanced Wound Care Product Line - MediPurpose
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MediPurpose Introduces New MediPlus Advanced Wound Care Product Line

ATLANTA, March 3 — MediPurpose today announced the introduction of its new advanced wound care product collection, MediPlus™.

The comprehensive MediPlus™ advanced wound care product line includes:

* Foams: MediPlus™ Foam, MediPlus™ Comfort Foam, MediPlus™ HC Foam, MediPlus™ HC Super
* Hydrocolloids: MediPlus™ HC (1.0 mm), MediPlus™ HC Thin (0.3 mm), MediPlus™ HC Comfort
* Hydrogels: MediPlus™ BarrierGel, MediPlus™ BarrierGel Comfort
* Non-Adherent Pads: MediPlus™ PE Pad
* Post-Surgical Dressings: MediPlus™ PU Pad, MediPlus™ Surgical
* Thin Films: MediPlus™ PU Film, MediPlus™ PU Frame

With the escalating costs of healthcare and reduced reimbursement, medical product suppliers and distributors are under increasing pressure to reduce pricing. MediPurpose established the price point for MediPlus™ to provide its wound care product customers with the opportunity to remain competitive and grow their business in today’s formidable economic environment, said MediPurpose Director of Wound Care Michael Riddle.

Along with the advantages of competitive pricing, Riddle said MediPlus™ enables wound care product distributors to:

* Reduce inventory levels
* Improve profit margins
* Increase market share
* Enhance company image through private label packaging
* Access to new products being sourced through MediPurpose’s New Business Development (NBD) initiatives

The First Phase of an Expanding Wound Care Product Line

The new advanced wound care product line is the first of its kind for MediPurpose, a master distributor of medical products, best known for its SurgiLance™ safety lancets and babyLance™ infant heel incision devices.

In June 2010, MediPurpose created its Advanced Wound Care division to source new medical product lines that leverage their award-winning medical product distribution services and logistics capabilities.

“Our medical product distribution services capability is a key advantage that MediPurpose offers,” said MediPurpose President Randy Prather. “MediPurpose’s objective is to build a quality, comprehensive advanced wound care line that will afford substantial profit opportunities for our existing and new distribution partners who service this market.”

The company plans to add to its advanced wound care portfolio and has applied for regulatory clearance to market a number of additional wound care products.

“MediPurpose will build upon the foundation established by the wound care products in the initial launch by adding a full line of antimicrobial dressings,” said Riddle. “These silver dressings will provide our customers the opportunity to offer an even broader range of advanced wound care products at very competitive prices. This will in turn enable healthcare providers to reduce the costs associated with treating difficult wounds.”

No-cost advance wound care samples can be requested online or by contacting MediPurpose at +1-770-448-9493.