MediPurpose Founder and CEO Yi to Share Medical Product Success Story at HIPA Seminar, Aug. 2 - MediPurpose
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MediPurpose Founder and CEO Yi to Share Medical Product Success Story at HIPA Seminar, Aug. 2

HONG KONG, July 30 — Ten years after introducing a medical device inventionåÊfrom Singapore to the U.S. medical products market that soon became the flagship of a thriving international enterprise, MediPurpose CEO and founder Patrick Yi returns to Asia to share the story of his inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Yi will be presenting “From an Asian Invention to Worldwide Commercialization: the MediPurpose Success Story” at the Hong Kong Institute of Patent Agents Commercializing Your Technology: Seminar & Panel Discussion on Monday, August 2.

“I’m truly honored to be invited to speak at HIPA on the success of our SurgiLance™ safety lancet,” said Yi. “I hope that my story will inspire and educate aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Along with funding and licensing challenges and solutions, Yi’s presentation will review SurgiLance’s:

* Invention process
* Patent application
* Product development
* Commercialization
* Patent infringement

Born in Malaysia, Yi attended college and graduate school in Singapore before embarking on a highly successful career in business development and marketing prior to launching MediPurpose.

In 1998, SurgiLance™ safety lancet inventor John Teo had reached a project-stopping obstacle faced by many early-stage medical device inventors. Although he had a prototype of an innovative safety lancet and had presented his medical device idea to venture capitalists (VC) and angel investors in Singapore, a lack of medical device funding had threatened to kill his project.

Through a focused, determined and collaborative effort of scoping, planning, financing and testing the medical device invention with Yi, the SurgiLance™ safety lancet was successfully launched in 2000 and continues to be one of the best-selling safety lancets in the world.

Yi will deliver his presentation from 3:40-4:15 p.m. in the Hong Kong Science Park, Unit 307, 3/F, IF Development Centre, Shatin. For more information about the seminar, contact Katrina Yeung at 2629-6718 or visit

About the Hong Kong Institute of Patent Agents (HIPA)

HIPA is a non-profit organization established to promote and support Hong Kong as an international hub for the acquisition and commercialization of and respect for rights in technology, inventions, patents and other intellectual assets by acting as a professional governing body for training and recognizing patent practitioners in Hong Kong.

About MediPurpose

Founded in 1999, MediPurpose is a leading medical device company headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Known for its innovation of the SurgiLance™å¨ Safety Lancet, MediPurpose has leveraged its success in the medical device industry to become a master medical product distributor.

MediPurpose also offers angel funding, medical product development and medical device consulting for medical device inventors and medical product companies seeking entrance or expansion into the medical device markets.

For more information about MediPurpose’s medical products, medical distribution channel management services and medical product development services, please visit