MediPurpose Donates SurgiLance Safety Lancets for Free Diabetes Screenings - MediPurpose
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MediPurpose Donates SurgiLance Safety Lancets for Free Diabetes Screenings

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. and ATLANTA, Dec. 28 — MediPurpose, a master distributor and manufacturer of medical products, recently donated several boxes of SurgiLance™ safety lancets to the Hanson Diabetes Center for the Ninth Annual Living Smart Diabetes Health Fair in Port Charlotte, Florida last month.

More than 100 attendees received free diabetes screenings and examinations for other health conditions, in addition to learning about diabetes management and prevention, said Hanson Diabetes Center founder Dr. Lenita Hanson.

Hanson Diabetes Center received the donation after Dr. Hanson contacted MediPurpose. SurgiLance safety lancets are used to provide safe, comfortable and effective fingersticks to draw blood for diabetes screenings.

“MediPurpose frequently donates medical products to organizations and events that indicate commitments to its communities,” said MediPurpose Director of Marketing Derek Rudnak.

Coinciding with National Diabetes Awareness Month, the event is part of Hanson Diabetes Center’s Living Smart Diabetes Self-Management Program community outreach.

“It is truly our privilege to support the Living Smart Diabetes Health Fair,” said Rudnak. “MediPurpose recognizes its obligation to be a socially responsible company, and we are happy to demonstrate that by helping the Hanson Diabetes Center to further its mission.”

SurgiLance safety lancets are available in six models, with either a needle or a blade, each with different depths of penetration to provide optimal blood flow for different applications and skin types.

No-cost product samples are available for request. For more information about SurgiLance™ safety lancets, please visit