MediPurpose Donates 700 Safety Lancets for Successful Mission Trip to India - MediPurpose
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MediPurpose Donates 700 Safety Lancets for Successful Mission Trip to India

PUNE, India, PITTSFORD, N.Y., and ATLANTA, Feb. 5 — MediPurpose, a master medical product distributor and manufacturer, today announced that it donated 700 SurgiLance™ safety lancets that were used on a successful medical mission trip to India.

The medical product company contributed 700 SurgiLance safety lancets to a team of nurses and pharmacists from St. John Fisher College that traveled to Pune, India to provide needed healthcare services.

Among other procedures, the team provided diabetes screenings for an estimated 500 children and adults. The diagnostic procedure uses a blood sample that is obtained by pricking a finger with a fingerstick device, such as a SurgiLance safety lancet.

Mission trip organizer and pharmacy student Klara Manning said that they appreciated the assurance of safety that SurgiLance safety lancets provide, especially when screening hundreds of patients a day in a high-risk environment.

“The simplicity of [SurgiLance safety lancet] device prep and activation allowed the team to spend extra time with each patient, explaining their blood glucose levels, lifestyle modification, and potential diagnosis,” said Manning. “These lancets further provided us with security. With the HIV/AIDS incidence in rural India escalating, we were eager to take extra measures to protect our team from accidental fingersticks while screening patients.”

Manning added that, as a result of their screenings, the team was able to diagnose diabetes in approximately 10 percent of the patients.

MediPurpose frequently donates medical products to benevolent and charitable organizations that provide healthcare to at-need communities, according to MediPurpose Director of Marketing Derek Rudnak.

“Both at home and abroad, MediPurpose recognizes its obligation to be a socially responsible company, and we are delighted to learn that our contribution helped the St. John Fisher College team in its mission,” said Rudnak.

SurgiLance is currently available in six models, ranging from 18-26 gauges and 1.0-2.3 mm penetration depths.

Valued for its safety, comfort, and ease of use, the SurgiLance safety lancet is one of the top-selling fingerstick devices in the United States and is available to healthcare professionals worldwide through a broad network of distributors.

For more information about SurgiLance safety lancets, including no-cost product samples or donation requests, please visit

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