MediPurpose Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Medical Device Distribution and Innovation - MediPurpose
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MediPurpose Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Medical Device Distribution and Innovation

NORCROSS, Ga., Dec. 10 — MediPurpose, a master distributor, developer and funder of health care solutions and new medical device inventions, is celebrating its 10th full year of operations.

Launched in 1999 as SurgiLance Pte Ltd in Singapore by founder and CEO, Patrick Yi, the company changed its name to MediPurpose in 2006.

MediPurpose launched the One-Step Safety Lancet (now known as the SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet) in the U.S. medical device market in 2000, the same year the U.S. Needlestick Safety and Legislation Act was passed.

Other milestones from the first 10 years include:

* 2001: SurgiLance Inc (now known as MediPurpose Inc) established to serve U.S. customers
* 2001: First Canadian distribution agreement
* 2001: First South American distribution agreement
* 2001: Sales top $1 million
* 2002: U.S. Patent for SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet awarded
* 2002: Sales top $3 million
* 2003: Frost and Sullivan Distribution Leadership Award received
* 2003: Sales top $6.3 million
* 2003: London, England office opens
* 2004: CE mark obtained
* 2004: First European distribution agreement
* 2004: NHS (UK) contract awarded
* 2005: AmeriNet GPO contract awarded
* 2005: ITC distribution agreement
* 2005: 100 million SurgiLance™ Safety Lancets shipped
* 2006: America’s Blood Centers contract awarded
* 2007: SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet secures #3 spot in U.S. market
* 2007: MediPurpose Extends Reach into Africa and Middle East
* 2008: 500 millionth SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet sold
* 2009: MediPurpose launches Innovation and Distribution Services divisions

The Next 10 Years and Beyond

Despite MediPurpose’s phenomenal growth and success, Yi has no intention on coasting. In fact, he has high expectations for MediPurpose’s ambitious new Innovation and Distribution Services divisions.

Crafted to leverage his experiences as an entrepreneur that took a medical device innovation from concept to commercialization, the new divisions will collaborate with new medical device inventors and existing medical device innovators to provide developmental support and angel funding, and to manage their U.S. and international sales and distribution.

“Many companies require assistance with getting into these medical device markets or to even make a ‘go or no’ decision, said Yi. “We have the capability to research the market to find out if they should or should not enter it and, if we determine that the product is viable, we can direct their market entry to the appropriate distribution channels.

About MediPurpose

Founded in 1999, MediPurpose is a leading medical device company headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Known for its innovation of the SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet, MediPurpose has leveraged its success in the medical device industry to become a master medical product distributor.

MediPurpose also offers angel funding, medical product development and medical device consulting for medical device inventors and medical product companies seeking entrance or expansion into the medical device markets.

For more information about MediPurpose’s medical products, medical distribution channel management services and medical product development services, please visit