MediPurpose Announces Japan Trademark Protection for SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet - MediPurpose
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MediPurpose Announces Japan Trademark Protection for SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet

MADRID, TOKYO and SINGAPORE, Apr. 14 — MediPurpose, a master distributor and manufacturer of medical products, today announced that its word mark SurgiLance™ has been granted trademark protection in Japan in connection with its SurgiLance™ safety lancets.

The medical device company was recently notified that the World Intellectual Property Organization received a Statement of Grant of Protection from the Japan Patent Office, which protects the SurgiLance™ mark in Japan.

The fingerstick’s trademark is already registered in the United States, the European Union, and Singapore.

Along with its trademark for SurgiLance™, MediPurpose had previously been granted international trademarks for its babyLance™ infant heel incision device. International trademark protection for its MediPlus™ advanced wound care product line is currently pending.

Although perhaps best known for the manufacture and distribution of its popular medical devices, MediPurpose™ offers product development and distribution services through its Medical Device Innovation and Medical Product Distribution divisions.

Since its launch in 1999, SurgiLance™ safety lancets have become one of the world’s most popular needlestick solutions. It is valued for its safety, comfort and ease of use.

SurgiLance™ safety lancets are available in six models, with either a needle or blade, each with different depths of penetration, to provide optimal blood flow for different applications and skin types.

No-cost product samples are available for request. Learn more about SurgiLance™ safety lancets at