MediPlus™ Ag Silver Foam Wound Dressings Now Available - MediPurpose
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MediPlus™ Ag Silver Foam Wound Dressings Now Available

ATLANTA, Jan. 4 — MediPurpose, a master distributor and manufacturer of medical products, today announced availability of silver foam wound dressings, further expanding its line of MediPlus™ Advanced Wound Care Products.

No-cost evaluation samples of MediPlus™ silver foam wound dressings (also known as Ag foam wound dressings) are offered in three configurations and multiple sizes:

* MediPlus Foam Ag: standard non-adherent foam
* MediPlus Comfort Foam Border Ag: island dressing with adhesive border
* MediPlus Super Foam Ag: highly absorbent with sealed edges to prevent leakage under compression

Wound care professionals and wound care product distributors are able to request no-cost product samples of all MediPlus wound dressings online or by calling MediPurpose’s toll-free number. Downloadable product specification sheets are also available online.

The new silver wound dressings were given 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2011. The clearance supports MediPlus’ claims that its silver wound dressings meet the latest standards for antibacterial control established by the FDA and provide an effective barrier to bacterial penetration.

As with the other MediPlus wound care dressings that are currently available for purchase and distribution, the new silver foam dressings will be competitively priced.

“The addition of the silver foam dressings to our product line is an exciting development,” said MediPurpose Vice President Wound Care Michael Riddle. “Demand for affordable silver wound dressings is very high, and our ability to provide healthcare providers with another cost-effective wound care solution is an integral part of MediPlus’ value proposition.”

Silver foam dressings are indicated for use on a wide range of chronic and traumatic wounds that include ulcers (arterial, diabetic and venous), pressure sores, donor sites, surgical incisions/excisions and first- and second-degree burns.

The MediPlus advanced wound care product line currently features:

* Foams: MediPlus Foam, MediPlus Comfort Foam, MediPlus Super Foam, MediPlus HC Foam< * Hydrocolloids: MediPlus HC (Standard and Extra-Thin), MediPlus HC Comfort * Hydrogels: MediPlus Barrier Gel, MediPlus Barrier Gel Comfort * Non-Adherent Pads: MediPlus PE Pad * Post-Surgical Dressings: MediPlus PU Pad, MediPlus Surgical * Thin Films: MediPlus PU Film, MediPlus PU Frame "As an experienced master distributor, MediPurpose has done all the hard work for medical product distributors seeking to purchase high-quality wound care products at competitive prices," said Riddle. "Our team of experts has completed all the regulatory, quality, reimbursement and logistics required to import the comprehensive line of MediPlus advanced wound care products." More information about MediPlus -- including no-cost product sample requests -- is available at