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Medical Case Studies Show Patients Experience Less Pain with SurgiLance™ SLN100

NEVERS, France, RICHMOND, Va., and NORCROSS, Ga., June 10 — Two recent evaluations of the SurgiLance™ SLN100 Safety Lancet confirm that the high-speed delivery results in less pain to patients. The studies were conducted at the Diabetes, Endocrine, and Internal Medicine Associates in Richmond, Virginia and at the Hopital Pierre Beregovoy in Nevers, France.

Most commonly used for aåÊfinger stick blood glucose test, the SLN100 features an improved, high-speed delivery system that minimizes patient pain and discomfort.

A 1 mm depth, 26-gauge needle lancet, the SurgiLance™ SLN100 delivers a blood flow of 5-10 microliters.

Diabetes, Endocrine, and Internal Medicine Associates Study

An evaluation at the Richmond, Virginia offices of Diabetes, Endocrine, and Internal Medicine Associates in July 2007 found that the required blood sample was obtained with 92 percent of patients. Among the small percentage of diabetes patients for whom the required sample was not obtained on the first attempt, all had calloused fingers.

Often preferred for use with young children and elderly patients with thin skin, the SLN100 has been used in pediatrics wards, WIC clinics and children’s hospitals as well as in alternate care and extended living facilities.

Patients with diabetes that encountered SurgiLance™ Safety Lancets for the first time in the clinical setting were frequently surprised by the minimal degree of pain they experienced. Of those tested with the SurgiLance™ SLN100 in the Virginia evaluation, an overwhelming 99 percent found the SurgiLance™ SLN100 to be less painful (80 percent) or equally painful (19 percent) than the lancing device they currently used for blood glucose testing.

Hopital Pierre Beregovoy Study

In a comparative evaluation of safety lancets at the Hopital Pierre Beregovoy in Nevers, France, nurses and their patients compared three leading safety lancet brands in the European market.

Three out of four nurses preferred SurgiLance™ Safety Lancets for their ease of use. Among patients, a total of 44 percent experienced no pain when using SurgiLance™ Safety Lancets. The French evaluation also showed a decrease of cutaneous damage, with 31 percent of those who used SurgiLance™ Safety Lancets.

“Like all SurgiLance™ Safety Lancets, the SLN100 is easy to use,” said Dr. Claude Ledevehat, head of Endocrinology-Diabetes-Metabolic at the Nevers Hospital. “It causes less pain and results in a decrease of cutaneous damage for our patients.”

“For blood glucose testing in particular, Nevers Hospital will use the SLN100 SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet,” said Ledevehat. “For those patients who have digital hyperkeratosis, the SurgiLance™ SLN200 will be the safety lancet of choice.”

MediPurpose™ offers six color-coded safety lancets in the SurgiLance™ product line: four with needles and two with blades at varying depths, gauge and blood flow. The safety lancets are used for a variety of point-of-care and testing applications.

“As these evaluations show, our SurgiLance™ SLN100 Safety Lancet offers significant advantages in terms of decreased patient pain and less cutaneous damage than competitor products,” said MediPurpose Founder and CEO Patrick Yi. “The breadth of our SurgiLance™ product line affords our customer base choices that improve patient care and minimize undesirable effects.”

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