Introducing the Second Chapter of the SurgiLance Success Story - MediPurpose
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Introducing the Second Chapter of the SurgiLance Success Story

How did MediPurpose, which in 2000 was a medical device startup in Singapore — with limited resources and knowledge of the unique U.S. medical product market — penetrate the U.S. healthcare market and become a profitable business? Many friends, business partners and fellow entrepreneurs have asked me this question.

Each year that MediPurpose continues to thrive, I remain as grateful and proud as ever about what this tiny company has accomplished and continues to achieve. I also occasionally reflect on those early years when I could only dream of MediPurpose being where it is today. Although they were exciting times, they were also extremely challenging — in most part because I didn’t have a map or a recipe to point the way. Rather, I relied upon my intuition, learning from my mistakes, and some good old-fashioned luck!

This is why I am very pleased to announce that we have published another of our company’s medical product success stories! SurgiLance Safety Lancet Penetrates U.S. Healthcare Market, picks up where Launching the SurgiLance Safety Lancet left off.

While the first story examined how I helped a first-time medical device inventor’s safety lancet find the funding and support to help bring it to market, the second story illustrates my decision to focus on a specific market — the U.S. healthcare market — and how I did it while still primarily based in Singapore.

Writing and publishing my journey is my way to count my blessings, and if it can help educate an aspiring medical device inventor, innovator or entrepreneur, then I feel that the effort has been more than worth it!

In sum, these success stories are intended to be what I wish had been available to me in those years: an illustration of how success in the medical product industry was achieved in both practice and theory.

Enjoy reading our success stories!

What did you think of our latest chapter? Do you have a story of your own to share — or perhaps you are in the early stages of your own? Please share your opinions and experiences with us!