Got Tips for Medical Device Inventors Navigating the U.S. Healthcare Market? - MediPurpose
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Got Tips for Medical Device Inventors Navigating the U.S. Healthcare Market?

I have recently been invited to share my experience and insights on how to penetrate the U.S. healthcare market with local med-tech companies, start-ups and research institutions in Singapore in November 2011.

The invitation inspired me to finish the second chapter of our company’s medical product success story, SurgiLance™: Penetrating the U.S. Healthcare Market, which picks up where SurgiLance™: From Concept to Commercialization left off.

While the first story examined how I helped a first-time medical device inventor find the funding and support to bring his innovative safety lancet to market, the second story illustrated my decision to focus on a specific medical product market — the U.S. healthcare market — and how I did it while still primarily based in Singapore.

In retrospect, I realize that although the journey I took worked for the SurgiLance™ safety lancet, other medical product entrepreneurs might find it better to take another path. But what are some of those other paths? And how might a medical product innovator make a decision to choose one path versus another? In order to make my sharing more useful for the medical device professionals in Singapore, I would like to generalize my experience and offer insights into alternative paths.

If you also share my interest in educating aspiring medical device inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs, I would love to hear your experiences and insights on how you navigated the U.S. healthcare market for your medical product.

Or, if you’re an aspiring medical device inventor, innovator or entrepreneur, do you have questions on how you might approach this challenge for your own medical product?

It is my aspiration for these success stories, tips and shared ideas to provide a useful roadmap for other medical device entrepreneurs_ÑÓsomething that I wish had been available to me in those startup years!

Let’s start the discussion! Please share your stories, experiences, insights, tips and comments, either here on the blog or privately with me. I look forward to hearing from many of you!