Focus Group Gives Favorable Evaluation of New MediPlus Advanced Wound Care Products - MediPurpose
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Focus Group Gives Favorable Evaluation of New MediPlus Advanced Wound Care Products

CHARLESTON, S.C. and ATLANTA, Dec. 7 — A panel of Charleston wound care experts recently gave a favorable evaluation of its new MediPlus™ Advanced Wound Care products, MediPurpose said today.

In a report published today on its Website, a majority of the group provided positive responses to questions about using and recommending MediPlus wound dressings.

Participants also indicated that if made available to them, they would consider using some — if not all — of the MediPlus dressings they evaluated.

Additionally, questions about MediPlus’ quality — along with its ease of use, application, breadth of offering and packaging — also generated positive responses.

The group included seven experts that are involved in daily treatment and management of incalcitrant chronic and acute wounds.

MediPurpose, a master distributor and manufacturer of medical products, initiated the focus group in Charleston last August to evaluate product features as a part of its product launch strategy for MediPlus, which was made available for distribution last October.

“Prior to the introduction of any advanced wound care product line, it is paramount to understand the customer’s perception of their performance, features and benefits,” said MediPurpose Vice President Advanced Wound Care Michael Riddle.

About MediPlus Wound Care Products

MediPlus is MediPurpose’s latest medical product offering, which is in addition to its SurgiLance™ safety lancet and babyLance™ heel stick products.

The MediPlus advanced wound care product line currently features:
* Foams: MediPlus Foam, MediPlus Comfort Foam, MediPlus HC Foam, MediPlus Super Foam
* Hydrocolloids: MediPlus HC (Standard and Extra-Thin), MediPlus HC Comfort
* Hydrogels: MediPlusBarrier Gel, MediPlus Barrier Gel Comfort
* Thin Films: MediPlus PU Film, MediPlus PU Frame
* Post-Surgical Dressings: MediPlus PU Pad, MediPlus Surgical
* Non-Adherent Pads: MediPlus PE Pad

Additionally, MediPurpose received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for its silver foam wound dressings earlier this year, which are expected to be available for evaluation in coming weeks.

More information about MediPlus — including no-cost product sample requests — is available at