babyLance™ Safety Heelsticks

babyLance™ Safety Heelsticks

Advanced Neonatal Heel Incisions

Our babyLance™ safety heelstick device was developed with more than 10 years of proven product development expertise, and leveraging the advanced thinking behind our SurgiLance™ safety lancet. The result is a precise, safe and consistent heel incision device specifically designed for babies.

Performance You Will Appreciate

The proprietary spring design provides a swift pendulum action of the cutting blade that makes a gentle incision and complies with CLSI LA4-A5 guidelines1.

Easy on You and Baby

The industry's easiest trigger reduces finger pressure and activation distance for improved stability and incision quality, which greatly minimizes the risk of bruising.

Fits Your Hand Like a Glove

Designed with you in mind. Ergonomically, the dimples give you a secure grip. While functionally, the device cradles the baby's foot for stability and reduced rock, with visual markings that enable better alignment and a more accurate incision.

The Perfect Incision Every Time

The innovative spring design controls the consistency of the depth and width of the incision for better blood flow, without touching the baby's tender nerve fibers.

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. Blood Collection on Filter Paper for Newborn Screening Programs—Fifth Edition; Approved Standard. CLSI document LA4-A5. Wayne, PA: CLSI, 2007.

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