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SPECIAL NOTICE: babyLance™ has been acquired by Clinical Innovations, a medical device company focused in labor and delivery and the neonatal suite.

For more information, pricing or to place an order for babyLance, please contact Kelly Johnson at Clinical Innovations.


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BABYLANCE Lineup Rev.1 225px 72dpi RGBDesigned for neonatal nurses...with neonatal nurses! babyLance™ safety heelsticks have earned worldwide popularity for their smooth and accurate incisions, ease of use and safety.

Solutions for Micropreemies to Toddlers

After continuing to listen to the needs of neonatal caregivers, we have expanded the babyLance™ family to include new Micropreemie and Toddler devices.


Single-use and auto-retraction
design practically eliminates cross-contamination and accidental needlestick injuries—before or after use.

Ultra-Smooth Incisions Minimize Trauma

babyLance’s proprietary internal spring activates its blade’s swift pendulum action—delivering an ultrasmooth incision that complies with CLSI LA4-A5 guidelines to reduce trauma to an infant’s delicate subcutaneous tissues.

Ease of Use

Featuring the industry’s most effortless activation trigger, babyLance’s unique housing provides visual guides for accuracy and dimples for a secure grip.