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Clinical Innovations Acquires babyLance™ Safety Heelstick from MediPurpose

Expands Market Reach for Innovative Neonatal Heelstick Device

Clinical Innovations Acquires babyLance™ Safety Heelstick from MediPurpose

ATLANTA, SALT LAKE CITY and SINGAPORE—MediPurpose, a medical product manufacturer and master distributor, today announced that Clinical Innovations, LLC has acquired the babyLance™ safety heelstick.

Known for its ease of use, smooth incisions and consistent blood volumes, babyLance safety heelsticks are sterile, single-use neonatal heel incision devices that are used to produce blood samples for testing. Available in four configurations, babyLance models are primarily differentiated by their incision depths, which are optimized for micropreemies (0.60 mm), preemies (0.85 mm), newborns (1.0 mm) and toddlers (1.4 mm).

Clinical Innovations, the largest medical device company exclusively focused on labor and delivery, acquired the innovative neonatal medical device to support its NICU expansion strategy.

Introduced in 2010 and redesigned in 2011, babyLance is MediPurpose’s second independently developed and commercialized medical device—and its first to be acquired by another company. 

MediPurpose founder and CEO Patrick Yi, who led babyLance’s design and development, is eager to see Clinical Innovations expand his medical device’s market reach. “We are very proud of the success our sales and marketing team has accomplished with introducing babyLance to the neonatal medical device market,” said Yi. “Clinical Innovations has the resources and experience to accelerate the acceptance of babyLance by neonatal nurses.”

Validating the Design and Development of the ‘Ideal Heelstick’

babyLance was closely designed with neonatal nurses to meet their expectations for “the ideal heelstick solution,” said Yi.

Yi said the device delivers one of the industry’s smoothest incisions, which reduces trauma to an infant’s delicate subcutaneous tissues. “Neonatal nurses will regularly perform several heelsticks a day on an infant throughout its stay in NICU,” said Yi. “It’s crucial that each incision is as smooth as possible in order to yield an adequate volume of blood and to prevent repeating the procedure.”

“We left no stone unturned with babyLance,” said Yi. “In the NICU, the smallest details matter to neonatal nurses. All features were designed and tested to ensure that they helped neonatal nurses perform their jobs more safely and easily.”

“The acquisition validates the value of MediPurpose’s rigorous design and development processes,” said Yi. “Whether it was the SurgiLance™ safety lancet that launched the company in 1999, babyLance, or new medical devices that we are currently developing, the objective is always to do whatever it takes to listen to end users and give them what they want.”

About MediPurpose 

Founded in 1999, MediPurpose is a boutique medical product company with offices and partnerships in the United States, Canada, LatAm, EMEA and Asia.

Specializing in safety sharps devices such as our flagship SurgiLance™ safety lancet and the popular babyLance™ safety heelstick (acquired by Clinical Innovations in July 2016), we also offer affordable high-quality MediPlus™ Advanced Wound Care products. Our newest product is the Anzen™ safety scalpel with a reusable metal handle similar in weight and balance to traditional metal handle scalpels. It was engineered using the feedback of surgeons and surgical techs to ensure an intuitive design that is easy to use and feels familiar and comfortable.

Our Medical Device Innovation and Medical Product Distribution divisions provide R&D and commercialization consultation for new medical device inventors and innovative medical product companies that seek entrance into new medical product markets—which includes angel funding, feasibility studies, manufacturing support and market launch, among other services.

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About Clinical Innovations

Clinical Innovations is the largest medical device company exclusively focused on labor and delivery. Already a market leader in several categories with products such as the Koala® Intrauterine Pressure Catheter; Kiwi® Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System; ROM Plus® Rupture of Membranes Test; traxi® Panniculus Retractor and ClearView Uterine Manipulator. Clinical Innovations is expanding its global presence while directly researching and developing state-of-the-art technologies and innovative medical devices that fulfill its mission of improving the lives of mothers and their babies throughout the world. Clinical Innovations is a Pritzker Group company.

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