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Celebrating OUR Medical Device Website’s Growth

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100% visitor growth, 61% page view growth in two years

Celebrating OUR Medical Device Website’s Growth

Today, we published a news release that announced how MediPurpose’s Website has enjoyed a 100-percent growth in visitors and a 61-percent growth in page views over the past two years.

However, when I was first told that we would be celebrating that achievement, I must admit that I didn’t immediately feel an immediate sense of accomplishment.

As MediPurpose’s director of marketing communications, our Website—as well as its content and the efforts to expand its reach—is a key facet of my job. Each month, as I prepare our Website’s performance metrics report, I’m rarely thinking about how well the Website’s doing (overall or in specific areas), but instead, why, where and how it could be doing better (especially if/when it’s not doing as well as I’d like). Likewise, with such an intense monthly focus on the now, I rarely give much thought to our Website’s incremental but steady growth as the months and years go by.

And as I take a moment to reflect on our celebration, I am starting to not just feel proud, but more, lucky.

First, though, I must take a moment to clarify that this is not my achievement. And not to sound phony, but it’s truly a companywide achievement. Every single member of the MediPurpose team has contributed to our Website’s performance. Let me explain…

Starts with Strategy

Like the company itself, the MediPurpose Website existed long before I joined the team in 2009, so it’s not like I was working from scratch. Instead, my involvement is largely a reflection and continuation of founder and CEO Patrick Yi’s uncanny knack for always being one step ahead, especially with respect to marketing communication technology. If you’ve read the SurgiLance™ safety lancet success story (which is really the story of how MediPurpose was founded), you’ll know that he skillfully used the Internet to create the brand awareness and crucial alliances with distributors that enabled him to bring his innovative medical device from Singapore to the United States.

When I joined the team, my responsibilities were relatively simple: to create Website and e-mail campaign content. However, in the past four years, my responsibilities have simultaneously expanded with the scale of our strategies for using the Internet to promote our medical products and to engage with customers…and Patrick masterminded much of that.

Of course, those strategies have involved many others, both in regards to their development and execution. Ultimately, without sound plans for developing and distributing our content, it’s unlikely we would have seen the page view and visitor growth that we’ve had in the past two years.

It’s a Team Sport

Earlier I mentioned I was lucky. That is because of MediPurpose’s culture, which embraces new technologies, even if we aren’t entirely sure initially if they’ll be the best fit for us.

Both from experience and gripes from colleagues and peers that work elsewhere, I know that many companies often resist adopting (or for that matter, early adopting) technologies until everybody else is already doing it, if at all. As a creative person and an admitted tech geek, the MediPurpose culture indulges my desires to explore and experiment with new technologies, rather than to stifle them.

As with our strategic development and execution, our use of technology involves more than just me or a select few others that are also of the “geek” mentality. Instead, the MediPurpose culture has instilled a true “all for one and one for all” sensibility, so, little prodding is needed to get the entire company involved.

For instance, the company blog: Scan the list of authors, and you’ll see that blogs aren’t just written by marketing people like me, but from virtually every division of the company: customer service, quality management, sales force, product managers, et al.

More recently, we’ve been encouraging and training everybody to “get more out of LinkedIn.” In my monthly Website analysis, I’ve discovered that every month, LinkedIn is consistently our top source for referrals to our Website—despite the fact that perhaps a quarter of the company are (currently) what I would call “power users.” But, after recently speaking to the company about the value of their participation and how they can better participate, I fully expect to soon say that everybody here is a power user—and to see the impact it has on our Website metrics.

In closing, I want to thank, well, YOU…whether you are a MediPurpose member or one of the thousands of visitors that comes to our Website each month, it’s your participation that has made this happen, and we sincerely appreciate it!

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Derek Rudnak

Derek Rudnak

Derek Rudnak is MediPurpose's director of digital communications.

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