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A "Victory Lap" for babyLance Safety Heelstick at 2013 NANN

Written by // Derek Rudnak Categories // babyLance

MediPurpose™ is attending the 2013 National Association of Neonatal Nurses Conference in Nashville, Tennessee


What a difference a year—or two years—can make!

Next week, MediPurpose™ is attending the 2013 National Association of Neonatal Nurses Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Almost exactly two years ago in October 2011, I and some of my MediPurpose colleagues hosted an exhibitor booth at the 2011 NANN Conference in Orlando, Florida. At that time, we were evaluating prototypes of our new babyLance. Our original design didn’t have all of the features of the “ideal” device, and as a result, we wanted to gain additional user input. What place could be better to do that than a national meeting of neonatal nurses? 

The 2011 NANN Conference was a pivotal time for babyLance’s redesign. By the time we arrived in Orlando, we had recently fabricated our latest babyLance prototype, which featured an all-new “pull-back” trigger—a radical departure from the original’s “push-forward” trigger. 

The prototype was a “demonstration” model in the strictest sense: It didn’t have an internal cutting mechanism, and unlike the original and current babyLance devices, it was not single-use—rather, the housing could be opened so that we could manually reset its trigger. We created the prototype and brought it to NANN for a very precise reason: Before moving into the next design phase where we optimized the cutting mechanism and other features, we wanted to be absolutely sure that users preferred the new trigger.

So, we let NANN guests compare the original babyLance with the prototype so that we could survey their preferences for each version’s trigger, the overall grip, and stability when placed against a replica infant heel.

The results were virtually unanimous: Users overwhelmingly preferred the new trigger and reported a significant improvement in stability. (You can read more about that in the white paper, Reinventing a Better babyLance™ Heelstick Device: Heelstick Trigger Survey at the 2011 NANN Conference.)

Two years later in October 2013, we are returning to the NANN Conference with babyLance. Not only has our all-new babyLance has been in production for more than a year, but we’ve since partnered with exclusive U.S. regional distributors that share our belief that babyLance is now an “ideal heelstick solution.”

Additionally, the new babyLance has received a U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance to be marketed as a safety device. We are now able to claim that babyLance has a sharps prevention feature to protect the user from a sharps injury.

We are looking forward to letting this year’s NANN attendees see what they helped us create! 

Have you tried the new babyLance? What do you think? What have you heard about it?

If you will be at this year’s NANN Conference, we encourage you to visit us at our Western regional distribution partner Ameritus Medical Products’ booth #318. Come test the new device and let us know what you think! Or, if you can’t attend NANN, feel free to request a no-cost sample to evaluate at your convenience.